Winter 2011-2012 Pictures

Our Christmas card picture for 2011, taken at Cece's baptism party

Lea with her mother and grandmother

Bri, Glyn, Jeff and Ben at their table for the party...

Celeste, Lea's father, Lea's grandmother, Antonia, Josephine, and Anthony at theirs...

and Graham, Heather, Courtney and Matt at theirs

Matt spending some time with his new goddaughter...

...before Courtney steals her away

Angelina drawing along with Nathan, Gavin, Ryan, Joseph, and other friends

Cece playing on Christmas Eve...

... and having lots of fun!

All presents wrapped and under the tree!

Angelina was impressed on Christmas morning

Angelina trying out her new art desk

Angelina running around in her Snow White costume on her birthday

She was happy to see all of the guests come out for her 3rd birthday party!

Waiting for the cake

Another masterpiece by Lea...

...which Angelina loved!

Angelina opening presents

This princess umbrella was one of her favorites

guests at Angelina's party

Over the course of the night birthday guests filtered out and New Years Eve guests gathered for our best NYE party of the last few years!

More NYE festivities

Matt carrying around Wendy

Lea and Cece at Lea's grandmother's house

Cece starting to crawl

Angelina having fun in the snow

Angelina and I made this snowman with the snow from the only real storm of the winter. It wasn't sticky enough to do much with, we'll have to try again next year :)

Angelina at Ginger Betty's for a birthday party for Henry, her friend from school.

She enjoyed the pirate theme!

My early birthday present, a new Honda Pilot!

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