Spring 2011 Pictures

Cecelia, sleeping on her Boppy

Heather holding Cecelia while Angelina plays with Graham

Angelina getting ready to take a swim at Auntie Ella's cookout

Angelina playing with her cousin Brian on Auntie Ella's deck

My nephew Dominic swimming

Cecelia taking a nap before heading out for the 4th...

...while Angelina eats her breakfast

Amy, Lea, and Cecelia relaxing in the shade of B and Amy's backyard on the 4th...

... along with Jim, Hillary, and little James

Angelina, Nathan, and Gavin found other ways to keep cool!

Lea and Cece

Jim and little James

Angelina and the boys playing on a see-saw type-thing

Angelina holding Cecelia (with some help from mom)

Angelina enjoying a consolation donut after her (indoor) swimming lesson was cancelled due to (outdoor) lightning. Just like her mother, chocolate makes everything better...

Lea and Angelina planting seeds together

Lea, Kim, and Gina goofing around

Cecelia lounging in Jamie and Nik's backyard...

... while Kaylah gives Angelina a ride

Lea holding Cecelia...

...who is always happy to be held

Lea's Dad holding Cecelia

Angelina in Quincy Market...

... where we caught up with David, Kari, and Benjamin when they visited Boston

Cece showing off her smile

Angelina having fun

Angelina and Cece together on the couch

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