Winter 2010-2011 Pictures

The picture we used for our Christmas card this year.

Me snuggling with Angelina

Our nephew Dominic took this one of me and Lea

Lea showing off the cupcakes she made for her sister's Christmas Eve Dinner

Angelina running around while her cousin Brian watches

Our niece Rosalia and Lea's dad

Brian and Angelina raiding the snacks

Opening family presents on Xmas eve

Angelina enjoying her new doll

Looking around

Angelina getting hugs from her Boompa on Christmas eve...

... and one from her Grandpa!

Angelina getting ready to open some presents at our house on Christmas morning!

Angelina taking a break between presents

My Dad examining a puzzle I got him

Angelina opening more presents

Lea got herself and Angelina matching aprons!

Angelina opening her big present...

... a giant play kitchen, which she loved!

She started playing with it before she even finished unwrapping it, and hasn't stopped since!

Angelina giving her Grandpa a hug goodbye

That night we went to Lea's grandmother's for Christmas dinner

Angelina looking cute in her Christmas dress!

Lea decorating the cake for Angelina's second birthday party

The finished product!

Lea and Angelina looking cute together after opening birthday presents

Graham and Heather decked out for Arisia

Angelina decided to try sleeping in her toybox

Making snow Angelinas!

Jim and Hillary at the baptism of their new son

Jim, looking proud

Angelina on the dancefloor at Kaylah's Princess & Pirate party!

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