Summer 2010 Pictures

Angelina playing in a cardboard box

Covering herself in Hello Kitty stickers

Climbing the cat tree

With her friends Nate and Gavin

With us for parents, Angelina will probably never be one of the cool kids :)

A big smile while sitting in my chair in the dining room

Angelina conked out in Lea's arms

My niece Nicolette hanging out on the trampoline at Cristiana's graduation party

Asleep at the dinner table!

Having fun with Mama

Flying to the Moon in the Science Museum's replica Apollo capsule


Playing a lithophone...

... at the Science Museum's awesome kid's area

Checking out the leopard at Southwick Zoo

Snuggling with the Gorilla cut-out

Feeding the deer

Running wild and free

Meeting the goats...

... attracting their attention...

... getting swarmed by 'em!

And enjoying it!

Making faces at a goat

"You're a GOAT!!!"

In Vermont for Kate's birthday

Matt at his bachelor party in Montreal

Angelina resisting our attempts to fix her hair at a family gathering at Uncle John's in Middleboro

A big smile...

... and another one!

She ran barefoot in circles around the trees...

... and around...

... and around, having a blast!

She also got to climb around on the patio...

... and to play with her cousin Gavin

Before we drove home they got to swing together on the hammock with her cousin Emma.

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