Fall 2010 Pictures

Graham, looking steampunk before Matt's wedding.

Matt putting Graham's OCD to good use getting ready...

Matt, ready to get his wedding on!

Angelina in her cow costume for Halloween!

She hated the hood part though, this was the only shot I was able to get with it on her.

With her Hello Kitty candy basket

My nieces and nephews: Dominic, Rosalia, Nicolette, and Brian before heading out trick or treating!

Doing her best Lea impression!

Angelina and Lea playing around...

... and making cute faces!

Angelina looking pretty

Hanging out with Kim...

... and Gina when they came by to join us for dinner

Thanksgiving at our house. Lea did a fantastic job, as always!

Angelina running around like a maniac...

... and pausing for a moment to look cute.

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