Lea's Birthday/ Quincy Housewarming Party

May 2nd, 2009

A fine evening with good company! We've had a lot of excitement lately, so we were overdue to get everyone together and celebrate! Officially we called it Lea's 29th birthday and a housewarming, but half the point was to show off Angelina to our friends who hadn't met her yet. Hopefully this will be the first of many great parties here!

Glyn and Taylor joining the inevitable throng in the kitchen...

Kim and Ben. Ben stayed with us for the weekend, it was great to catch up with him!

Kate and V, looking fine (as always)

It was nice to finally meet Sharon!

Pete and me in the office

Angelina stealing Matt's glasses, as she is wont to do...

Me, finishing off the last of the tasty, tasty lambic beer that Jeff brought.

Monica, Mike and Jeff watching the Celtics/Bulls game

Our old neighbors Chris and Val came out

Matt and Wendy beating each other up

Lea enjoying the evening

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