May - July 2009

It's been an eventful summer so far! Angelina keeps getting cuter and I can't stop taking pictures of her. Here are a few of the best I've taken so far this Summer...

Angelina lying on the couch while playing with Lea.

We started her on rice cereal at around 5 months, and she has been enjoying all sorts of solid foods recently!

Mom and Dad visiting us...

... to pick up Angelina and take her out to the Franklin Park Zoo.

Crawling lessons from Mommy and Craig.

Playing with her foot...

...and posing on her boppy.

Lea has had to work one shift until midnight every week, but Angelina and I have enjoyed spending the extra time together, both awake and asleep.

Angelina and Bri, happy to see each other!

In her bouncy seat, which she quickly outgrew.

Lea visiting Angela, little Brian, and Rosalia in Dorchester.

Courtney and Matt only invited us to their birthday party so they could play with Angelina.

Rosalia helping Angelina to stand.

Angelina looking serious.

My favorite picture of her so far!

She has some tasty, tasty toys.

An early attempt to introduce the sippy cup. She got the idea, but is still working on the "holding onto stuff" thing.

Up on all fours, looking around.

Cuddling with Matt.

Crawling! Around mid July she mastered the art of crawling and hasn't sat still ever since!

Having fun in her exersaucer.

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