Late 2008 Pictures

(July through December)

Lea holding her niece, Nicolette, at a summer cookout at our Auntie Ella's place

Brian and Kelly greeting guests at their rehearsal dinner in Minneapolis

The two of them had a great time at the reception

Kelly throwing her boquet

Jeremiah and Lea on the dance floor...

...along with Dan and Scott

I got to catch up with Amy

Brian's dad looking proud with John and Sean

Angelina, Rosalia, and Lea hanging out together at the Cape

Boompa and Nicolette

Rosalia geared up for the batting cage

The family together on the Cape

Angelina and Nicolette

Me with my "new" Garand-- the bayonet makes everything more fun!

Lea and my dad at my Uncle John's place out in Western Mass. This spot is a few steps from a cliff overlooking a gorgeous river valley.

V, Kate, and Lea at Kate's birthday paty at Barlola

Craig, hanging out on the roof of our place

Our friends Jaime and Toby at their wedding in Philadelphia on October 25th

Second Thanksgiving at Matt and Courtney's new place in Waltham

Out with Angelina and Brian

Lea's dad at his surprise 50th birthday party at Alba

getting some help blowing out the candles from Uncle Tony

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