Brian's Bachelor Party

July 3-6 2008

As Brian's best man, I was charged with putting together his bachelor party here in Boston. Brian had a good idea of what he wanted, so it didn't take very much planning, and the appointed weekend arrived quickly. The first of the guys to meet up in town on Thursday night were Dan, Scot, and Bri, who all flew in from DC. I caught up with the guys in Faneuil Hall and we went out for dinner at Durgin park.

Dan, looking like a Palestinian suicide fisherman with his lobster and bib.

Scot ordered their 2lb. monster steak. He didn't eat much for the rest of the weekend...

After dinner we went out to a few bars, including Ned Devine's.

Brian and I having a drink.

After sufficient alcohol was consumed, the dancing began.

And after more than sufficient alcohol was consumed, the singing began.

And then still more singing.

The next morning was the Fourth. We met up with Brett and Karunesh after breakfast and went to Community Boating for their annual cookout.

Brett and Brian enjoying the view. We scored seats in a boat on the docks, and relaxed and played cards until the sun went down.

After the fireworks we went to the Bell in Hand, where we helped fend off the various and sundry vixens that attacked the bachelor.

The next morning we were joined by Jeremiah after lunch, and after lounging around the roofdeck pool of the Colonnade we went out for some drinks at the Top of the Hub.

The whole gang.

After one round we hurried across the street to Morton's for a tasty steak dinner, where Jeremiah and Dan shared a desert...

... and then retired to Cigar Masters for fine port and death sticks.

Our hostess chatting with Scot.

Me and Jeremiah.

A picture of the gang on our way out.

Our next stop was at Jake Ivory's, where we met up with Carrie's bachelorette party, hosted by her maid of honor, Deb.

Deb and Bri go way back to high school, as is evident from the slapping in this photo...

The next morning we recovered over breakfast at Stephanie's and then headed our separate ways. We all had a good time, and we ended Bri's bachelor days in style. Great success!

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