Lea's Birthday Party

May 5th, 2007

This was our first party at our place in the Dot, and it went off really well. We had a lot to celebrate-- Not only was Lea turning 27, but she was graduating later that month. It was a nice way to close the book on a particularly rough couple months for her, so thank you everyone for coming out!

The first few people to arrive: Aida, Pete, B, Graham, Amy, and Heather

Wendy and Matt got there soon after

Lea greeting Kim with a hug

Graham, not standing for anymore nonsense

Daniel, Graham, Lea, Kate, and V standing in the hallway

B and Amy

Kate, Mike and Lea joking around.

V and Kate in the kitchen... I think that that's Mike's nose

Janet, Amy, and Graham

Kate and Daniel

Lea, Heather, Kim, V, and Kate

Decorating the cake (Kate and V elbowed me out of the way and took over after I did the first letter)

They did a good job, which I promptly took credit for :)

people hanging out

Lea opening up a bottle

Glyn, sorting through his camera case-- he took around 300 pictures that night with his new SLR, including most of the shots up on this page

Pete demonstratng his Drunken Master style Kung Fu on me

Lea and me

Lea, looking cute

Courtney, Lea, and Margie laughing at Matt

Me, enjoying a tasty Guinness

Wendy, Pete, Matt, and Courtney...

...drinking Irish Car Bombs...

...Matt was quite proud to finish first

Kate, surprised to find her picture being taken

Brian and Kelly made it up to join us!

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