Later 2006 Pictures

(from July to September)

Kate and her beau, Daniel, at Helene's birthday party at Clery's on July 15th

Playing Axis and Allies with Bri and Rob in NH. (My winning streak has to be over twenty games now...)

Playing Beirut with Jeff at Mike's party in the Shrew in August

Lea relaxing at the beach house her mom rented on the Cape

Brian, my brother in law, helping out my nephew Dominic at the batting cages

My niece Rosalia being cute at the beach

Liz, Adina, and Lea at Saint celbrating Liz's passing her pharmacy boards

death to our enemies!

Matt and our first opponents at the 40k doubles tournament at Havard Square


Brian celebrating his escape from the slave pits of Peabody at his favorite gin joint in Lowell

Craig, the awesome kitty that sort of came with our new place in Dorchester

Kate and I on the 5th aniversary of her 21st birthday

Veronika came out that night, too

Lea met up with us after she got out of work at 10:00, looking all tired... She worked crazy hours all summer

Brian and Kelly while they were in town in September

Lea's dad at Lea's cousin Sofia's christening...

...and Lea there with her mom

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