October 2006 through February 2007 Pictures

Lea and I out dancing at An Tua Nua

Craig surveying the world
We got Craig a scratching post/tree, which he loves. He hasn't laid a paw on our furniture since we got it for him!

Lea with my SW1911
Lea trying out my new .45 at an outing to Mass Rifle...

Scott and Kerry
... along with Scott and Kerry

mom and dad
My parents at our niece, Rosalia's birthday.

Lea in costume
Lea, showing off her Halloween costume before we headed off to a party at V's new place...

kate ipod ad costume
...where we met up with Kate, who won a prize for this costume that night

Jaime and Melanie
Jaime strikes a pose at Zack's going away party in Natick.

Craig and Lea taking a nap...

Rob attempting to shatter a beer glass at Furey's...

Lea and I got our first Giftmas tree together in 2006!

Rosalia and Dominic opening presents

Rosalia, Brian, Angelina, and Dominic
Lea's sister and her family on Christmas day.

At Alba for my 30th birthday party

Kim, Lea, and me having drinks after dinner

Lea and her sister Angela, looking cute together

Graham, Matt, Kate and me.

Lea, her Aunt Celeste, me, and Kate dancing later on that night...

Me and Daniel.

My trip to the Front Site Institute in Nevada in January 2007
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