Winter 2004

Now presenting Anna as 'Mona Lisa'

Anna, her friend Lia, Matt, and Rachelle at our Kwanzaa cocktail party. Rachelle is drinking some really tasty blueberry beer that she brought that night!


James, Helene, and Kate sharing a joke... probably about me!

Robert and Janet shortly before they dropped off the face of the earth...

hey, it's got pictures!

Bri checking out his early Christmas present while he was up here in late December.

Mad props to Margy for getting Lea her new favorite hat!

Playing risk with Lea, Rachelle, Matt, Andrea, and Dave. Lea won that night.

Bri and Helene in front of Helene's place at Okemo.

Lea putting on her boots for a day of serious skiing...

just call me Heidi.

Helene during our lunch break at the summit lodge.


Helene, Bri, and Lea freezing their asses off on the chairlift, headed back up the mountain.

The scenery behind us... breathtaking.

Guns don't kill people... Zack kills people.

Zack with his new toy, SIG P220-ST. Beautiful handgun.

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