Summer 2004 Pictures

Marc, Stephanie, and B hanging out on Rob and Katie's back porch for the Fourth.

Rob and Katie

Rob and Katie, a great couple and our gracious hosts...

...and Amy, guarding the grill.

Lea (with some gratuitous Marc leg in the bottom right...)

Derik at Shakespeare on the Common later in July.

B and Matt (my co-bestman) eyeing each other suspiciously over a game of wiz-war the night before B and Amy's wedding.

Rob, Haj, Marc, Aaron, and Matt

Most of B's side of the wedding party relaxing outside after the ceremony (Marc's hiding behind Haj and I'm taking the picture)

B and Amy happily making their rounds at our table at their reception.

Rob, Katie, Marc, and Stephanie at our table.

B and Amy dancing together towards the end of their reception.

Zack's bachelor party crew at the paintball field.

Out that night on our Worcester bar crawl.

Zack & Kristina's cake.

Zack and Kris' first dance.

The Maid of Honor giving her speech (this pic taken by Jaime)

Zack and Kris making their way through the reception (this pic taken by Jaime)

Lea and I dancing together (this pic taken by Jaime)

Jaime and Melanie at the reception

Glyn, Robert and Janet

Glyn, Robert and Janet at their table.

Exterminate! Exterminate!

When lawyers attack! (this pic taken by Jaime)

Zack having a cigar outside (this pic taken by Jaime)

Kristina having a cigar outside (this pic taken by Jaime)

Haj and I sharing a pink Hello Kitty umbrella on Rob and Katie's wedding day.

Rob and Katie's cake, complete with lego decoration!

Lea at Rob and Katie's reception.

I didn't take a lot of pictures at the reception, but here's one of Rob at the afterparty...

...and one of Katie.

Lea playing pool at the afterparty

Lea checking out the AR-15 after I traded some components and rebuilt it.

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