Winter 2003

Getting sworn into the Massachusetts bar on December 18th at Faneuil Hall.

Helping out Dad in Santa's workshop. Dad and I spent a while working on mom's present on Christmas eve.

Lea's family really gets into the Christmas spirit!

Lea looking cute on Christmas morning.

Lea's Dad and niece, Rosalia.

Rosalia seemed to enjoy ripping the presents open more than anything else...

Despite our efforts, Dad and I didn't finish Mom's present until a couple days after Christmas, but it came out pretty well.

Alan popping some Dom P. before his going away party at Avalon.

Zack and Bri hanging out in Revere.

Mike, Paul, and Jeff at my surprise birthday party in Revere.

Glyn, Lea, Robert, Eric, Andrea, and Russ at Matt's birthday party.

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