Fall 2003 Pictures

Alan chilling at our place during his visit from Cali.

Me settling some old scores by whooping up on Eddy and Alan in Tekken Tag... 9-0!

Helene in the mirrors behind the bar.

Lea in costume, ready for Halloween!

Helene and Victoria at Kate's Halloweeen party in Roslindale.

Kristina and Lea both went as angels...

Kate and Bobby as a cheerleader and a pimp...

Lea and me... I ended up going as the devil a la Sinfest to complement her Angel costume...

Zack went as Jesus.

Dave and Andrea hanging out at our place.

Helene's sexy box

Helene, modeling the latest headgear for 2004!

Lea being domestic, crocheting a blanket for her neice.

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