Fall 2002 Pictures

Derik and random French dude.

Early in September I helped Derik move his little brother into Beacon Hill, it was good to see both of them again
(The guy next to Derik isn't his brother, though, just some random French dude)

Lea looking pensive.

B, Amy, Lea and I went through the Maize Maze in Sterling together. Took about an hour and a half.

Looks easy from up here...

B and Amy trying to figure out the route we took from the exit ramp view.

Godzilla stomp Shannon!!!!

In October the campaign heated up, so Lea and I volunteered to do some opposition harassment work. I took this shot of Zack wearing his dinosaur suit while waiting to ambush Shannon at the Newton Public Library...

Tax-O-Meter ride

Things got ugly the night of the last debate-- we rode around in trucks rooting for Mitt, but as soon as the cameras were off we got pelted with bottles and frozen foodstuffs by O'Brien's hired goons. Got the adrenaline goin'.

Dexter and the Blue Rajah?

Scott and Bill at Heather's Halloween party (which rocked-- well worth skipping the 529 party for).

Escher rocks.

My parents got this shot of Lea and I flipping through an art book.

The family picture for 2002

My family at our Thanksgiving dinner in Hamilton.

Lookin' good!

Lea and I on our way out to her cousin's wedding.


One of Danielle's amazingly cute kittens.

Kill!  Kill!  Kill!

The day after I posted pictures of Danielle's kittens, Lea's mom brought home this guy... Gorgeous, amazingly affectionate little Turkish Van that we call Snorkel. He'll be ours when Lea and I move into Dorchester. More pics of him as the monster he grew into here.

Sexy Mamas

Nikki, Lea, Kate, and Veronika at Kate's holiday party.

Our friend Amy bellydancing at MIT.

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