IHS Summer Seminar Pictures

This summer I had the pleasure of attending my first IHS Summer Seminar. The IHS brought together about 80 of us budding classical liberals and treated us to a week of lectures, discussions, and socials. The professors were amazing, the lectures were fascinating, and the kids were dazzlingly bright and fun to hang out with... I'd recommend this program to anyone interested in free-market economics, liberty, and individualism.

Taking our Tuesday study break in Atlantic City: Bill, Soldedad, Dave, Justin, and Adrian.

More Atlantic City beach shots...

More Atlantic City: Adrian, Bill, Taivo, and Gabriel

Justin and Adrian on the beach

More shots of the beach

A group shot from the boardwalk... we really did do more than party on the beach!!!

Nathan, Randy, and Tony engaged in serious philosophical debate

Enrique and Jaime doing likewise

The last of our daily soccer games

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