Spring Break '99: Hawaii

DC a few days before I left. Looks pretty, but it was COLD!!!

As soon as I got off the plane, I was in another world. A warm, fun, pretty world. I took this picture from the Diamond Head Crater, a few minutes from Derik's place, where I stayed.

This one's from the Arizona Memorial looking to the coast. Lots of beautiful rainbows in Hawaii.

Diamond Head beach, where Derik started teaching me to surf.

Derik with shaved ice.

Sunset from Waikiki beach.

A beautiful view of some rocky coast

Me at Sea Life Park

Derik and his Mom on our way to the Voyager submarine reef tour.

Haunuma bay, where I went snorkeling

Derik Snorkeling

Me snorkeling

The two of us right before turning in our gear

The beach house in Hilo, where we met up with other friends of Derik's for the big party. The place was right on the water, nestled in a gorgeous valley.

View from the house's porch-thing. There were two waterfalls going down the valley cliff. They were breathtaking.

On the morning of our second day there, we all trooped through this rocky gorge up to the near waterfall.

It was an awesome climb. An awesome trip, actually.

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